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Dive into the world of Drewlin's unique resin creations, each telling a story of its own. Explore our collection and find the perfect piece to add a special touch to your space


Welcome to Drewlin Over Resin

Welcome to DrewLin over Resin, your go-to source for exceptional handcrafted epoxy resin creations that captivate and delight. Each item in our collection is a one-of-a-kind treasure, ensuring that once it finds a new home, it becomes a unique piece, never to be replicated. Explore our diverse array of offerings, including stunning chess boards, captivating home decor, charming figurines, and elegant jewelry. Every piece is crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, resulting in a work of art that stands out. Embrace the individuality of our creations, as each item may bear minor imperfections or blemishes, contributing to the distinctive charm and character of our handcrafted treasures. Discover the beauty of uniqueness at DrewLin over Resin – where every purchase is a celebration of creativity and exclusivity.

Where to find our Creations

Koots Roots - Cranbrook BC

You can find our products at Koots Roots Community Co-Op Located at the Tamarack Mall in Cranbrook British Columbia

Koots Roots

Kootenay Artisan Co-Op

Our Products are carried at the Kootenay Artisan Co-Op, Located in Invermere British Columbia

Kootenay Artisan Co-Op

Elkford Chamber of Commerce

Look for our products in the Chamber of Commerce office space, Located in Elkford British Columbia

Elkford Chamber of Commerce

Kootenay Craft Fairs

We frequent many craft fairs in the Kootenay region throughout the year. Check out the link below to see a list of the craft fairs we participate in.

Craft Fairs